Collection: First Contact - Contractor Recommendations

Recommendations of home services companies from family members, friends, neighbours and even apps does not always assure a legitimate business operation or the quality of work that you expect.

Our First Contact recommendation program is a network of qualified, trusted and professional contractors that provide renovation, repair, replacement or maintenance services.  Our contractors have gone through a pre-screening process and are subject to our service standards.

This Reno Pro Tech assurance service is free.

How it works:

  1. Contact us first and provide details of the work to be done around the house. Email  Phone  Messenger
  2. We will get back to you to confirm and clarify the information.
  3. We will have one to three suppliers contact you and provide a quote.
  4. We will examine the quotes and provide guidance on each one.
  5. You schedule the work to be done with the supplier and pay them directly.

Our First Contact service saves you time, takes away some head scratching, provides peace of mind and reduces the risk of poor business and results.

First Contact customers receive these benefits:

More Services

Contractor and quote validation:
If you already have a contractor in mind, we can pre-screen them and evaluate the details of their quote.
Project Specifications:
Larger projects require measuring, calculating and specific details about the work to be done. We will do a site visit and put the details into a Request for Proposal that you can give to contractors.
Project Management:
Sometimes you are unable to find time to interact with contractors on-site to monitor the progress, check for quality and suggest minor changes. We can fill that role for you.
Designer Consultation:
Renovating rooms could use an expert opinion or validation of your ideas. Our designer consultation package will give your project a good head start.