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Performance Review

Performance Review

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How well you manage the performance of your house could affect your health, safety, security, energy bills, insurance coverage and premiums, mortgage renewal, resale value or time on the market when you decide to sell.

There are issues lurking in your house right now.  You just need to find them before they become an expensive problem or a personal safety threat.  This service is recommended if you have not had an inspection in over a year, your house was built over 5 years ago, or you are planning an update renovation.

Expert contractors and House Effects book authors Dean Sprung and Craig MacGowan will look at over 200 items to help identify any pre-existing issues, failures, damage or opportunities for improvement in your house.  

The walkthrough will take about two hours depending on the size of your house.  We have broken down the list using these six priorities:

Personal Safety and Accessibility 

    Risk of injury or death from fire & smoke, CO, electrical shock, choking, strangulation, poison, trip and fall hazards, failing structure and poor lighting.  Protecting vulnerable persons.

    Health Risks 

      Respiratory issues from radon, asbestos, mold, dust, PM2.5, formaldehyde (HCHO), volatile organic compounds (VOC).  Geopathic stress from EMF or the Benker grid.

      Security from criminal activity 

        Deterrents and prevention through locks, lighting, landscaping, cameras, secure wifi network, storage solution for ladders and tools.

        Damage Prevention 

          Water, wind, frost, snow, ice, sunlight, fire, smoke and hockey pucks will damage your house.  There are several things that can be done to prevent thousands of dollars of damage to your house.

          Damage repair

            Those holes in the walls, the dripping faucet, the broken porch light, the hole in the garage door and the missing brick all start to become a normal feature of the house as you stop noticing them over time.  Other people notice them.  Schedule a day to do the fixes so that the better features of your house get noticed. 

            Energy Efficiency 

              Upgrading windows, insulation, furnace, air conditioner, hot water tank, appliances, plumbing fixtures, plumbing system, thermostat, lighting, irrigation system, landscaping and using renewable energy will decrease your cost of gas (or oil), electricity and water use.

              A performance analysis of your house will help identify issues that could result in:

              • insurance premium increases
              • costs not covered by insurance
              • a reduction in value
              • injuries
              • accidental death

              If you want to do this performance review yourself, you can download the checklist here. 

              Note:  This service is not a substitute for a home inspection.   Recommended Audits and Testing are extra fees.

                Serving: Newmarket, Aurora and surrounding area





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