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How well you manage the performance and renovations of your house could affect your health, safety, security, energy bills, insurance coverage and premiums, mortgage renewal, resale value or time on the market when you decide to sell.




Performance Analysis
There are issues lurking in and around your house right now.  You just need to find them before they become a liability, higher energy costs, an expensive repair or an insurance claim. 




Avoid under-performing renovations.

Before you call contractors, there’s some research, calculations, inspections and specifications to do first. In fact, connecting with a contractor is step 24 in our renovation planning steps.

A renovation is to create function, comfort and enjoyment.  The benefit is holding or increasing the value of your property.  Proper renovation planning will help you set a budget, identify potential issues, limitations, restrictions and savings before a renovation is started. 

Renovation Planning Service
Renovation Planning Guide PDF
DIY Coach