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Home Flood Risk Assessment

Home Flood Risk Assessment

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You can mitigate the risks and stress of flood damage by understanding the threats, knowing how well your house is performing and learning where improvements can be made.

We will do an examination of your house, alert you to problem areas and provide you with a written report with short to long term solutions and regular maintenance activities.

Your property insurance may not cover certain types of water damage and it certainly will not prevent flooding either.  Some home owners are already receiving premium increases even though they have not had a flood but their property has been classified as higher risk until they implement a required mitigation solution.

Flooding or water damage in your house could result in:

  • A financial set back
  • Changes to your insurance policy
  • Poor health from respiratory issues and stress

Your exposure to flood risk and insurance coverage:

  • Insurance coverage may not apply to certain flood events
  • Prior insurance claims could limit the payout amount for any future claims, higher premiums or cancellation of the coverage. 
  • Lack of understanding the current performance of your house and surrounding land to mitigate flood damage could invite flooding and changes to your policy.
  • Not maintaining existing safe guards (e.g. eaves, sump pump, backflow valve).
  • Sump pump not having a battery backup during a power outage.
  • Extended periods away from the house (vacations).
  • The age of your house and surrounding trees.
  • Municipal water management infrastructure.
  • Climate change

Flooding in and around your property can occur from:

  • Overland water from rain storms, watermain breaks or rapid snow melt events
  • Ground water infiltration from saturation, high water table or proximity to flood plains
  • Storm and sanitary sewer back ups
  • Plumbing system failure in your house or your neighbour’s

Your situation for having a home flood risk assessment:

  • Property owner of a rental house or basement
  • Planning a basement renovation 
  • House is older than 5 years
  • House is on Conservation Authority regulated land
  • Prior property insurance claims
  • Available insurance policy discounts
  • Indication of high moisture or signs of water entering the house

Indicators of existing or pending water trouble:

  • Frequency of sump pump discharge
  • Mold in the house
  • Efflorescence on the brick or concrete
  • Neighbours who have recently had a flood

    Our assessor has a Certificate of Completion for the Home Flood Risk Assessment Training course developed by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo.

    We serve Toronto, York Region, Simcoe County

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