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House Effects: 1 on 1

House Effects: 1 on 1

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1 on 1 time with expert renovation contractors and House Effects book authors.

How well you manage the performance and renovations of your house could affect your health, safety, security, energy bills, insurance coverage and premiums, mortgage renewal, resale value or time on the market when you decide to sell.
Since 2015, we have done many professional, proper and cost effective renovations that our customers have been proud of. Our hope is that every home owner in Ontario has the same experience.
- Dean Sprung & Craig MacGowan
Spend time with us to help you with any of the following:
  • help with any of the workbooks in our House Effects publication.
  • help with setting a budget for your renovation. 
  • feedback on your concept drawings for your kitchen, bathroom, basement or deck renovation.
  • performance features and finishes: curb-less shower, flooring, tiles, windows, paint, water proofing and more.
  • finishing your basement for rental income.
  • review quotes from other contractors for fair pricing and project details.
  • pre-screen contractors.
  • help with any of your diy renovation projects.  

Purchase a minimum of 30 minutes and we will email you to set a date and time for a phone, FaceTime or Zoom call.  We will also send questions to help you prepare for the meeting and estimate the total time required to help you.

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