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Iron Embers - Pyramid Outdoor Fireplace

Iron Embers - Pyramid Outdoor Fireplace

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Made in Ontario

The raised square base radiates heat down onto your feet all night long and the sloped mesh sides contain the fire in its natural shape: a pyramid. One side of the fireplace hinges out with a stainless spring handle located near the bottom to prevent it from getting too hot. The open design of the Pyramid provides an awesome view of the fire, all while keeping it well controlled. Using stainless steel mesh is unique to Iron Embers - in all our years we've never had a piece of mesh have a hole burned through. Combine that with a 1/4" thick steel frame and you have a winning combination.

Read about how much we love Iron Embers fire pits.

Fire grate and cover accessories are available.  

Shipping is extra.  Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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Reno FX is an authorized reseller of Iron Embers.

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