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Household Cash Flow (Apple Numbers format)

Household Cash Flow (Apple Numbers format)

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This worksheet is simply money in, money out and money left over.  Use this if you are planning to purchase a house or want to know how your current house will impact your ability to save or invest money.

Start off by entering the current year and the amount of money you have in your daily use bank account.  Input the dollar amounts from all of your sources of money coming in.  Then enter the amounts that you spend on debt payments, investing, personal, children, housing, rent, buying a house and selling a house.  

Mortgage insurance, land transfer tax, first time owner initial costs, newly built house costs, and relocation costs can be obtained from their own worksheets in the Downloads section of the book.

Line items with a * are used to calculate GDS and TDS ratios that mortgage lenders use to determine if you can afford a house.  You can use these results to monitor your current situation and forecast when you are planning to purchase a house or renew a mortgage.

The worksheet is unprotected so that you can make changes to suit your own situation or track your cash flow monthly.
1.  This workbook is in Apple Numbers format only.
2. This workbook is included with the House Effects publication.

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