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House Effects - Ontario 2020 Edition


This book puts you in charge of achieving the best results when buying, maintaining, renovating or selling your house in Ontario.  There’s information, steps, resources and workbooks to help you reduce stress, save money, source funds, manage debt, find the right house, maintain or increase resale value, negotiate agreements, improve energy efficiency, select a good contractor, and reduce the risk of injuries and accidental death in your house.

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 What will it do for me, my family, the economy and the environment?

      • Removes the vulnerabilities associated with buying, selling and renovating by asking the right questions.
      • Reduces stress and improves mental health knowing that you are making smart and informative decisions when buying, maintaining, renovating or selling your house.
      • Controls your debt through saving for a downpayment, using the cash flow worksheets to budget expenses, see the projected costs of maintaining and updating a house.
      • Adds to your savings with rebates, improving energy efficiency to reduce gas, electrical and water bills, reduce insurance premiums and replacement costs through damage prevention.
      • Maintains or increases the value of your house by doing the right repairs, replacements and renovations.
      • Protects you from unfair and illegal practices with consumer rights, laws, permits and inspections.
      • Ensures quality renovations with written project specifications and selecting the right contractor.
      • Grows employment by hiring good contractors, skilled trades and specialty service providers. 
      • Reduces the risk of injuries and accidental deaths by making the house safer.
      • Reduces pollution through proper waste management.

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You should read this if you are:

      • Saving for a downpayment
      • Buying your first house
      • Buying a newly built house or previously owned house
      • An owner living in the current house for more than one year 
      • Selling your house
      • Renovating or landscaping your house
      • Retiring within 15 years
      • A newcomer to Ontario

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Here's what you get:

      • Over 200 pages of content.
      • Downloadable worksheets and checklists.
      • Links to sources of savings, market data and other resources.

 Download House Effects

House Effects is a publication of Reno FX Media
a CRFX Group Inc. company.