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BioGeometry® Environmental Home Solutions

BioGeometry® Environmental Home Solutions

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Assessment Package

Do you or a family member in the house have trouble sleeping, waking up with a headache or low energy, digestion problems, restless children, difficulty concentrating, chronic health issues?

The symptoms noted above could be caused by Geopathic Stress (very powerful grids of magnetic energy from the Earth which causes disturbances in the body), Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), Wi-Fi, TV, Smart Meters, cell phone antennas close to your home.  All these factors, especially in sleeping or resting areas in your house, could be affecting your health and well-being.

Our BG-EHS Practitioner will conduct an energy-quality assessment of the home.  It involves the detection of subtle negative energy quality and harmonic energy patterns of effect.  The BioGeometry Practitioner will also test the negative effects from your electrical system and EMF emitting devices.

You will be provided with a proposal for an efficient and effective Environmental BioGeometry Harmonization solution for your home.  It involves specific calibration and placement of BioGeometry shapes and tools across all areas of the home (very transparent and unobtrusive to view). A more detailed and comprehensive proposal of the work to be done will be provide once the you are interested in finding out about the work of the scientific work done with BioGeometry and its beneficial effect on the well-being of the inhabitants of the house.


Post-Renovation Harmonization

Vacuuming, dusting and changing the furnace filter is not enough to ‘clean’ your house after a renovation.  Building materials, paint, tile, granite, new furniture and decor all have harmful substances that could affect your health. These factors are the “visible ones”.  There are many more “invisible ones” that are even more critical to the well-being of the occupants as described below.

In carrying out the BioGeometry Harmonization, our BG-EHS Practitioner will take tiny samples of the materials and place them in a BioGeometry® Wheel. This procedure has the effect of removing the toxicity of chemicals used in the manufacturing of the specific item and adding BG3 to the material will radiate positive energy into the house.  This will ensure a thorough harmonization of the whole house, especially for those people who are allergic or sensitive to chemical substances.  A follow-up to each procedure will ensure that the BioGeometry application is successful and any adjustments implemented as necessary.


Pre-Renovation Harmonization

In the instance that your house is going to be custom built, have an addition, have a change in layout or the basement finished, our BG-EHS Practitioner is also an Architect and can consult on the architectural design shapes that are going to enhance the energy quality of the house, contributing to the well-being of the final product.

This cost of this service is based on the project specifications.  Please contact us to book an appointment.


BioGeometry in action.

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