House Effects: Ontario 2021 Edition

House Effects: Ontario 2021 Edition

Reno FX Media has published its 2nd edition of House Effects.

Written by Dean Sprung and Craig MacGowan, this book puts you in charge of achieving the best results when buying, maintaining, renovating and selling your house in Ontario.  There’s information, steps, resources and workbooks to help you reduce stress, save money, source funds, manage debt, find the right house, maintain or increase resale value, negotiate agreements, improve energy efficiency, select a good contractor, and reduce the risk of injuries and accidental death in your house.

"The book is based on our years of renovation experience, knowledge, Ontario laws, codes, insurance, honesty and trust.   Home owners should have the same advantages".

This book is ideal if you are saving for a downpayment, buying your first house, buying a newly built house or previously owned house, an owner living in the current house for more than one year, selling your house, renovating or landscaping your house, retiring within 15 years or a newcomer to Ontario.

It's more than a book.  There are Apple and Microsoft file formats that can be downloaded for budgeting a renovation, calculation mortgage insurance or conducting a performance review of your house.  There are links to rebates, tax credits and other resources.

Dean and Craig believe that home owners should only "Spend their money once" when buying, maintaining, renovating or selling a house.

It will help protect you from unfair and illegal practices with details on consumer rights, laws, permits and inspections.   Plus, you can ensure a quality renovation by using the guidelines for writing project specifications and selecting the right contractor.

There is much more from this book that will give you confidence, knowledge, intelligence, comfort, safety and security as a home owner.

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