Junior Contractors


CRFX Group Inc. and its operating companies has a requirement for junior contractors for either current, pending or future end user customer residential projects.  The nature of the projects can be construction, renovation, demolition, landscaping, maintenance, repair or replacement related.  Our project locations are generally from Toronto to Newmarket.  See About Us for our company profile.


    Weekly hours and tasks will vary by project and will be a mix of indoor or outdoor.  Lifting and moving construction and finishing material, job site set-up of power tools and equipment, job site clean-up, removal of existing walls or decks, measuring and cutting lumber with power tools, fastening material with hammer, drill, compressor or wrenches, digging for post holes or conduit, sanding, staining or painting material, mixing adhesive compounds assisting other contractors with framing, deck construction, installing drywall, insulation, flooring, tiles, mouldings or doors.


    CRFX requires you to have the following:

    • A means of getting to project sites within the Greater Toronto Area.
    • Minimum 1 year of high school skill trade course or 1 year experience with residential renovation projects.
    • Ability to complete tasks with some supervision.
    • Must have all common personal tools and attachments.
    • Experience with power equipment such as saws, compressor, side grinder.
    • Personal protection equipment - safety boots mandatory, fall restraint gear where applicable.
    • Experience with necessary tools, instruments, and testing devices to identify risk of injury, perform required tasks and verify accuracy and quality of work.
    • Working at Heights certification is preferred.


    This position offers starts at $18 per hour.  Rate increases will depend on your skill, experience and a 3-week probation period.  Employment or company contracting work options are available. 



      To help us understand more about you or your skills, experience and preferences, please completed this application form and return it to CRFX.

      Submit resume and any supporting documents to info@crfx.group