Amazon - DIY home maintenance

Maintenance is the upkeep of your house. It involves either inspecting, testing, adjusting, programming, cleaning, repairing or replacing components of your HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting, detectors, appliances, roof, fence, windows, doors, exterior, security locks, structure and railings.

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Splash Goggles

Cleaning Gloves

Outlet Tester

Live wire tester

Circuit breaker locator

Furnace Filters (check your furnace for the right size)
Humidifier Filters (check your humidifier for the right size)

Ecobee thermostats
Nest thermostats


Sump pumps with battery backup

Toilet flappers

Humidity meter

Water detectors

Soft white LED bulbs

Microwave bulbs

Refrigerator LED bulbs

Refrigerator filters

Eaves guards

Window cleaning

BBQ cleaner

BBQ covers

Lawn mover filters

Hedge trimmers

Starter Tools
Utility Knifes
Tape Measures
Socket and Torx Screwdrivers
Allen Keys
Caulking Guns

Step Ladders

Work Gloves

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