House Effects:  Spring Maintenance 2021

House Effects: Spring Maintenance 2021

With Spring approaching, we just wanted to give you information about doing your own seasonal maintenance around the house. A few of your hours will help improve energy efficiency, identify any issues with your plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, and ensure the safety of your family in the house.

Download our easy to use maintenance checklist for a list of tasks to perform in and around the house. We have links to Amazon for product testing devices and replacement parts that you will need.

Maintenance Checklist PDF


While you're at, let's make sense of your electrical panel circuit breakers.  Original home owners, DIY electrical work and your contractors have made changes to your electrical panel over time. By now, it should be almost impossible to identify every circuit breaker with the various hand writing and strike outs.  Here's a solution. Download our template, input a description for each breaker, print and post near your electrical panel.

Apple Numbers    Microsoft Excel

You can find these documents and other helpful material from our downloads page.  For other information about managing your house, use the resource icons  below to access our book, articles, news, workbooks, community and personal service.

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