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House Effects: Covid-19 Scams

We are committed to providing real, accurate and helpful information related to owing and living in a house in Ontario.  One area that we cover in our book is Scams and Identity Theft.

Wifi devices, email, social media, buy and sell apps, dating apps, phones, postage mail, answering your front door and your recycle bin are all entry points into your personal information.  Scammers are getting more clever, sophisticated and bold towards our vulnerabilities (age, attention, trust, habits).  They steal our money, identity and sometimes our house. 

There are many testing, treatment and protection scams in circulation relating to the Covid-19 virus.  Also, with the March 18 Economic Response Plan announcement, scammers are already targeting you to provide private information that could empty your bank accounts.

It’s important that you understand the facts about Covid-19 by reading information published by the Ministry of Health for both federal and provincial governments.  As well, any application for financial support should be done through the websites directed by the Ministry of Finance.

Helpful websites:

You should be aware of and report Covid-19 scams by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centrre - Covid-19 fraud page.

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This article includes an excerpt from House Effects published by Reno FX Media available on Apple Books.  The book puts you in charge of achieving the best results when buying, maintaining, renovating and selling your house in Ontario.

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