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The Profitable Contractor

The Profitable Contractor


Your heart and hard work is in the renovation project but is your contractor company making money?  Our consulting service will help you run your company and manage renovation projects that will make money.

Follow the money:

  • We will share our success model and guide you through getting your business on the same course. This package focusses on Operating Costs, Pricing, Project Costing, Contingencies, Change Requests, Margins, Tracking, Payment Scheduling, Invoicing, Customer Statements and Cash Flow.  We will also help you forecast annual earnings and break even analysis.  Approximately 5 hours of consulting time.

Estimating & Proposal (requires Follow the Money segment first):

  • We will help you estimate a renovation (one room) and prepare a proposal for the customer.  Approximately 3 hours of consulting time.

Project management:

  • We will help you prepare for your next renovation project and come to your site to offer feedback.  This package covers Lead times, Resource Scheduling, Safety, Site Set-up, WSIB.  Approximately 3 hours of consulting time.

 Branding & Marketing:

  • New or experienced, we will help you with defining your business objectives and finding new customers. This package will look at your business plan, policies, procedures; company name & registration; and social media.   Approximately 2 hours of consulting time.