Reno Pro Tech - Preliminary Renovation Analysis

Reno Pro Tech - Preliminary Renovation Analysis


Ready? Let’s renovate!  But before you get out the paint chips and hammer, there’s some homework to do first.  A pre-renovation analysis will help you identify potential issues, limitations, restrictions and savings before a renovation is planned. 

Here's what you get:

  1. Environmental findings
  2. Recommended audits and testing
  3. Permit and Bylaw requirements
  4. Rebates and subsidies sources
  5. Future maintenance, repair and replacement costs
  6. Market data for your neighbourhood
  7. Budget planning
  8. Estimated cost for the space that you are planning to renovate
  9. Performance review specific to the space to be renovated:
      • Personal Safety
      • Health Risks 
      • Security from criminal activity
      • Damage Prevention 
      • Damage Repair
      • Energy Efficiency

Note:  This service is not a substitute for a home inspection.  Recommended Audits and Testing are extra fees.

  Serving: Toronto, York Region, Simcoe County