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House FX - Renovation Planning

House FX - Renovation Planning


Ready? Let’s renovate!  But before you get out the paint chips and hammer, there’s some homework to do first. 

A renovation is to create function, comfort and enjoyment.  The benefit is holding or increasing the value of your property. 

Proper renovation planning will help you set a budget, identify potential issues, limitations, restrictions and savings before a renovation is started. 

Here's what you get:

  1. Environmental findings that could restrict what renovations you can do
  2. Recommended audits and testing for rebate qualification, insurance and energy savings
  3. Permit and Bylaw requirements
  4. Rebates and subsidies sources
  5. Future maintenance, repair and replacement costs until your age of 80
  6. Market data for your neighbourhood
  7. Recommended spaces for function, comfort and enjoyment updating
  8. Estimated cost for the space that you are planning to renovate
  9. Budget planning
  10. Tips on funding your renovation

    Prior to planning a renovation, we recommend a full Performance Review of your house if you have not had an inspection in over a year or your house was built over 5 years ago.