Hockey at Home

Hockey at Home


Since 2008, SkateAnywhere has sold and installed rinks for home and commercial use.  We are an authorized SmartRink dealer with five types of synthetic ice panels for indoor or outdoor rinks.  

The most popular panel for home use is the ProFast 8000.  Ideal for the basement, garage or backyard.

Ice Panel:  ProFast8000
SmartGlide:  Infused
Size:   39.25” x 39.25” x 5/16” or 1020mm x 1020mm x 8mm
Colour:  Ice-Y-Blue
Method of manufacturing:   Sinter pressed
Material: VHMWPe
Residential Warranty: Lifetime
1 Push Glide: 40 feet
Goal Crease and markings: available for additional fee

NOTE:  Minimum order quantities apply.  Shipping costs will vary by location.  

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