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Renovation pitfalls

Reno Pro Tech will help you manage renovations that adds value to your house and navigate you through the potential pitfalls of the renovations so you don't get taken advantage of.  You will know what construction material and methods should be used in your renovation and understand what a high-performance renovation is so that you live comfortably in a safe, healthy and energy efficient space.


1. Picking the wrong quote.

  • Which quote is right?  You have received quotes for your renovation and one seems low and the other seems high.  Each contractor could be estimating with certain objectives in mind for their own benefit and not yours.  Reno Pro Tech can help determine which quote is good.

2. Low performance renovation.

  • Will your next renovation decrease the value of your house?  Renovation updates to your kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and interior and exterior walls or the addition such as a rental income basement are primary areas to add value.  However, hiring the wrong contractor could end up with poor quality work and under performing materials.  This may require you to re-renovate sooner or lowering your selling price so that the new owner can remedy the situation.  Reno Pro Tech can estimate a high performance renovation for you.

3. Contractor asking for money above quoted amount.

  • Do you know the hidden costs of your renovation? Your quote should include an amount for the unexpected.  A contractor should be able to identify most potential issues prior to walls or flooring being removed.  However, asking for more money above the quote for tasks that can be easily calculated as to how much it should cost and no unexpected issues encountered is not acceptable.  Reno Pro Tech can estimate a fair market renovation with contingencies to keep you on budget. 

4. The deposit.

  • Is a 20% deposit to a contractor okay?  There are consumer rights when it comes to deposits.  20% is too high of a deposit.  Reno Pro Tech will notify your contractor of the deposit terms and amount.

5. Your contractor has been charged in relation to the Consumer Protection Act. 

  • Did you check the Consumer Beware List before your renovation?  The provincial government will post online the contractor's company name and owner if they have been charged with underhanded practices.  Reno Pro Tech will perform this search as part of many other searches when screening your contractor.

6.  The payment schedule.

  • Are you paying your renovation contractor for losses from their previous customer?  Payments should not get too far ahead of the project progression.   The contractor doing your renovation may have lost money on their previous project.  The way to improve their cash flow is to ask you for a payment that is more than necessary.  Reno Pro Tech will set the payment schedule with your contractor.

7. Hazardous material.

  • You had your house tested for asbestos prior to the renovation right?  Some homes have asbestos in their insulation, wall and ceiling plaster and flooring. If not removed properly, you could develop lung cancer.   Reno Pro Tech will recommend if a test is mandatory prior to any material being removed.

8. Timing.

  • "My contractor can start the basement renovation right away and be done in 2 weeks".  Renovating a space like a basement takes weeks of drawing a layout, picking material, negotiating with a contractor and getting permits.  It's not a good sign when a contractor can start right away.   Reno Pro Tech will screen contractors on their start date and time to completion.

9. Extra charges.

  • Is $4,400 of extra charges allowed on a $40,000 renovation?  Your consumer rights allow for a maximum amount above quote.  $4,400 is too high in this example.  Reno Pro Tech will ensure that your contractor meets acceptable limits for overages.

10. HST.

  • Does your contractor report to the CRA the HST you paid them?  The contractor's company uses the HST amount collected from you, deducts the HST they paid on material and labour from sub-contractor companies and either passes on the balance owing to CRA or getting a refund on HST.  Reno Pro Tech wit check with the CRA to make sure your contractor is in good standing.

11. Your contractor's personal renovation.

  • Is your renovation contractor using your material for another project?  The dimensions of a room will dictate how much material is required to renovate the space.  Some contractors may order extra for their own personal project.  Reno Pro Tech will write the project specifications, calculate a fair market value quote and do on-site visits to minimize material for personal use. 

12. Project specifications.

  • Is your renovation being done with the right materials and construction and installation methods?  A contractor's quote with a project description of "renovate bathroom" vs. a contractor's quote with a description like this: lumber frame, move header up, R24, STC of 42, CFM of 90, 1-1/2" ABS, brick pattern will give you two different results.  Reno Pro Tech will write the project specifications so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is expected.

13. A friend or relative doing the renovation.

  • Did your brother-in-law do their renovation properly?  A friend or relative who owns a renovation company is fine as long as you remain friends and family after the renovation.  On the other hand, a friend or relative who claims to have experience doing a renovation might get you the result you weren't hoping for.  Reno Pro Tech will screen the renovation knowledge that a contractor has.

14. A poor renovation that looks good to you.

  • But when I look at the renovation, the work is not to acceptable standards.  You may have different expectations or tolerances than others as to the quality of a renovation.  Your guests might start pointing out mistakes that were made in your renovation.  Reno Pro Tech will ensure that your contractor does the project to acceptable standards.

15. Your first contracted renovation.

  • You know how this is going to end right?  This is scary territory for someone who has little renovation experience and ready to part with $5,000 to $80,000.  Reno Pro Tech will write the project specifications, estimate the cost of the renovation and select a contractor to do the work.


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