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Reno Pro Tech FAQs

How can a renovation decrease the value of my house?

Using under performing construction material, incorrect construction or installation of finishing material, putting your money in a low return on investment project, ignoring areas of your house that requires maintenance prior to a renovation can all contribute to decreasing the value of your home.  Our services are designed to hold or add value to your house.


What does Reno Pro Tech do?

Reno Pro Tech is a derivative of RENOvation PRO-TECH-tion or RENOvation PROfessional TECHnician.  Basically, we do renovation planning and contractor selection for home owners.  We help them identify any pre-existing issues, limitations, restrictions and even potential savings or rebates.  We estimate the cost of the renovation, write the project specifications to give to contractors, evaluate contractor proposals, review the agreement and do site visits.   This ensures that the project is done at a fair price and the right materials and methods are used.   


I noticed that your parent company owns a renovation company.   Why are you involved in the renovation representative business?

We've been asked to do renovations for friends but other project timelines prevented us from working on them.  In many cases, the contractor that our friends used ripped them off. Overcharged and poor quality materials, construction and installations.  We created Reno Pro Tech to help home owners and our friends avoid these pitfalls. 


Will you ensure that my contractor meets the standards of CPA, TRCA or LSRCA, ESA, FRR, STC, WSIB?

Renovations have to meet the standards of building code, electrical code and insurance coverage. Reno Pro Tech will ensure that these and other standards are met.


My previous contractor kept asking me for money when very little work was done.  Will you help figure out the payment schedule of my next renovation?

Deposits, milestones, contingencies and final payment should be structured based on your consumer rights.  We will work with you and your contractor to create a payment schedule.  


I paid my contractor and they didn’t do any of the work.  Will you help me get my money back?

Contractors stealing deposits or payments is common.  It's also a crime.  This is a matter for the police and consumer protection services.  Reno Pro Tech services helps home owners from getting into this situation.


Why do you charge for estimating when contractors offer it for free?

Estimating the cost of your renovation is just part of what we do.  If a contractor is offering you a free estimate, how do you know if it's right?  They may be under estimating or over estimating with certain objectives in mind for their own benefit and not yours.  We will calculate a fair market price of your renovation and evaluate proposals that are within range of that amount.


I don’t have a contractor, will you find one for me?

We don’t want to appear that we favour or give preferential treatment to certain contractors.  If requested and your efforts have come up with no candidate,  we will assist in finding several contractors to quote on your project. 


I want to renovate my whole main floor.  Do you have a rate for kitchen, powder room, laundry room and flooring? 

Based on the square footage and the work to be done, we will propose a rate for you.


I want a wall removed as part of my renovation. Is that included in any of your posted room rates? 

Having a wall removed takes a bit more time to figure out its function in terms of load bearing and conduits for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, central vac.  If it’s load bearing, there are several measurements and calculations to do. Relocating any runs behind the wall has to be thought out as well.   The rate for this will vary based on the length and location of the wall.   Specifications for removing non-load bearing walls is included in the posted room rate.


I've hired a designer for my renovation.  Won't they be able to do these services for me?

Designers will typically work with you on finishing materials and not so much on the construction requirements of your renovation.  Some designers may have preferred contractors but it is still necessary to qualify them based on the work to be done.


Contact us if any of your questions have not been answered.

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