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"I want to renovate. Where do I start and how much will it cost"?

Reno Pro Tech is your first contact prior to hiring a contractor.

You have decided to do some updating.   Common projects include kitchens ensuites, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, structural changes, painting, landscaping and decks.  

There are 30 possible steps to follow prior to starting a renovation.  Ignoring these could add time to the project, cost you more money, decrease the value of your house and affect your health.  

First Contact:  Expert contractors and House Effects book authors Dean Sprung and Craig MacGowan will come to your house and provide their advice on how your renovation should be done and identify potential issues that may need to be addressed.


A.  As a follow up to our on-site visit, we can provide these renovation planning services and information:

      • Layout drawings
      • Written project requirements and cost for the space that you are planning to renovate
      • Suggested payment schedule.
      • Contractor screening and quote evaluation
      • Environmental findings that could restrict what renovations you can do
      • Recommended audits and testing for rebate qualification, insurance and energy savings
      • Permit and Bylaw requirements
      • Rebates and subsidies sources
      • Future performance, repair and replacement costs until your age of 80
      • Market data for your neighbourhood
      • Budget planning workbook
      • Tips on funding your renovation

    B.  Download the Renovation Planning Guide to help you set the right expectation, avoid disappointment, save time and money.

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