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House FX has the expertise to serve your needs for home renovations, outdoor living and rental income.

 A renovation is to create function, comfort and enjoyment.  The benefit of a professional renovation is holding or increasing the resale value of your property.

 Our home renovation standard focusses on high performance construction material and methods so that you can live comfortably in a safe, healthy and energy efficient home. 

We have registered skilled trade teams to complete kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement, structural changes, garage and outdoor living area projects.  We have worked with star designers Sara Bellamy (Toronto), Laura Lemle (Los Angeles) and Johnson Chou (Toronto). The company carries WSIB for our workers and CGL insurance for customer property protection. Projects include a 1 year warranty.

We also have preferred service suppliers for roofing, driveways, tree maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, sport surfaces, land surveying, window installations, eaves, brick work, locksmith and wild animal control.

Select the type of renovation that you are looking to have done:

House FX - general contractor

House FX - home office & study

House FX - outdoors

House FX - rental income

House FX - 50+ renovations

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crfx in Newmarket, ON on Houzz



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