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Performance Review

Performance Review


There are issues lurking in your house right now.  You just need to find them before they become an expensive problem or a personal safety threat.  This service is recommended if you have not had an inspection in over a year, your house was built over 5 years ago, or you are planning an update renovation.

The Reno Pro Tech Performance Review has about 200 items that we look at to help identify any pre-existing issues, failures, damage or opportunities for improvement in your house.  

  • The service includes:
    • Rebates and subsidies information
    • Estimated future maintenance, repair and replacement costs for your home until your age of 80
    • Performance review of your house:
      • Personal Safety & Accessibility
      • Health Risks 
      • Security from criminal activity
      • Damage Prevention 
      • Damage Repair
      • Energy Efficiency

Note:  This service is not a substitute for a home inspection.   Recommended Audits and Testing are extra fees.

  Serving: Toronto, York Region, Simcoe County