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Reno Pro Tech - Renovation Planning Service
Reno Pro Tech - Renovation Planning Service

Reno Pro Tech - Renovation Planning Service


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Before you call contractors, there’s some research, calculations, inspections and specifications to do first. In fact, connecting with a contractor is step 24 in our renovation planning service.

A renovation is to create function, comfort and enjoyment.  The benefit is holding or increasing the value of your property.  Proper renovation planning will help you set a budget, identify potential issues, limitations, restrictions and savings before a renovation is started. 

With this package, you will receive:

    • On-site consultation.
    • Layout drawing*.
    • Written project requirements and costs for the space that you are planning to renovate.
    • Contractor screening and quote evaluation.
    • Environmental findings that could restrict what renovations you can do.
    • Recommended audits and testing for rebate qualification, insurance and energy savings.
    • Permit and Bylaw requirements.
    • Rebates and subsidies sources.
    • Budget planning workbook.
    • Tips on funding your renovation
    • Evaluation of contractors' proposal and risk.  
    • Rejection letter to contractors who do not qualify.
    • Contractor agreement review.
    • One on-site inspection.

NOTE:  *Projects that require permits may incur an additional charge for drawings requiring a BCIN registration. 

 Serving: Toronto, York Region, Simcoe County