Wind damage inspection

After a high wind storm, we suggest that you walk around the exterior of the house to look for the following:
  • fallen trees
  • broken tree limbs
  • missing shingles
  • damaged eaves and downspouts
  • missing soffits
  • missing siding
  • cracks in brick and stone mortar
  • broken windows
  • damage to sheds, decks and fences
  • debris in the eaves during the spring and summer
Caution:  look for downed power lines before you leave your house.  
On the inside of the house, look for signs of structural issues:
  • cracks in corners of walls
  • broken tiles or cracks in the grout
  • doors that don’t close properly
If you lose power and use candles, set a timer on your phone to remind you that they are in use.  Don’t use a bbq (gas or charcoal) in a garage or enclosed area for cooking or heat source.  Not only are they a fire hazard, they give off carbon monoxide which can poison or kill you or the occupants of the house. 
If you have minor damage or debris that needs clearing, contact your contractor for an evaluation.  For major damage, contact your contractor and insurance company.
At anytime of the year that you want to assess any damage or implement damage prevention, please consider our Preliminary Renovation Analysis service.

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